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It is the start of a new beginning — a well waited for and highly anticipated new beginning. 2021 is here and seeing those numbers on the calendar proved that hope and optimism have finally entered the group chat.

A hope that 2021 will be at least 50% less of a dumpster dilemma than 2020.

And with every new year usually comes cheerful resolutions — as it should! But this year I will not be partaking in the usual tradition of sitting with my pen and diary in hand, ferociously thinking of ways to be better in the new year.

Eyebrows frame the face, not the soul.

Photo by emilianovittoriosi on Unsplash

My whole life I have been plagued with a steadfast loyalty to the beauty industry. Watching beauty gurus on YouTube and experimenting with new trends provide both a sense of comfort and excitement for me. On weekends, I can be found gracing the floors of Ulta and Sephora looking for the newest setting spray, liquid lip or dewy skin mist.

I am always waiting for the newest trends to experiment with.

Enter the new favorite feature of the past decade: Eyebrows.

These strips of hair above our eye sockets have shown increasing popularity…

Mornings are when I find myself looped into the dreaded social media time warp. Muffin in one hand — crumbs polluting my countertop — phone in the other. During my morning scrolls through Instagram, I can’t help but be disappointed by the assumed lack of reality in each photo I come across.

Poreless faces, ultra-thin waists, and the infamous wobbly railing behind an hourglass figure (a telltale sign of a photoshop mishap). …

Angela Prendergast

Author of, “Overthought Thoughts of a 21-Year-Old.” Self-help enthusiast. Lover of all things genuine and kind.

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